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Native place of Dongyong

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Synopsis of the Scenic Spot:

There were stockade cave dwellings, ancestral temples for the filial son---Dongyong in the birthplace of Dongyong which were deserted later. Today, Dongjiawan, Peijiaxiang and the traces of the old tomb still exist. There stands a stone tablet with 4 meters high. There are seven Chinese characters inscribed on the stone tablet which reads, “It is the hometown of Dongyong---a sincere filial person”. The characters are forceful and vigorous, and thus are quite noticeable.

A Brief Introduction to Dongyong:

Dongyong, said to be a figure in literary stories, is considered born in Qiancheng in Donghan (Bo’xing in Shandong today), whose mother died when he was quite young. During the years 184-189 (Ling emperor Zhongping was on the throne), he followed his father to Xiaogan to avoid the army and settled down to farming. When his father died, he had no money to deal with the burial, so he had no choice but sell himself and thus became a slave. His filial piety made the youngest one of the fairy ladies so moved that she descended to the world from the heaven and helped him pay off the debt and redeem him by way of brocading, and eventually married him.

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