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Qiuzhou Temple

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Qiuzhou Temple is surrounded by lakes and swamps, after which it was named.

It is believed that Qiuzhou Temple was built in Tang dynasty. On the basis of the word records on the stele of Yuan dynasty in the front of the temple, it was reconstructed in 1327 (the fourth year of Taiding). The main building is the chief palace, in front of which are clock-tower and drum-tower on the two sides. Further in front of the palace is the mountain gate. The chief palace is of wooden structure, with a height of 9 meters and an area of 117 square meters and is preserved well. The clock-tower is altitudinal in a rectangular shape with a height of 8.5 meters and an area of 50 square meters and is also well-preserved till now. The drum-tower was destroyed by a flood in 1954, whose gate and walls do not exist today, for it had not been repaired. The buildings in stock have carved beams and painted rafters, blue tiles like freezing cloud. And various kinds of sculptures are preserved as what they were, magnificent and elegant. It is very quiet around here. Huang Gong, an official of De’an in Ming dynasty once composed a poem to describe the scenery here, singing highly of Qiuzhou Temple.

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Bus (to Yunmeng county)

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Suggested Time-length for Sightseeing: 2 hours

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