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Spring of the Jade Maiden

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The Spring of the Jade Maiden is also called the Spoon Fountain. It is thought that this place was where the Jade Maidens (the seven fairy ladies) made pills of immortality (as a Taoist practice). That’s why the name has formed. The spring has three mouths, divided into the upper, the middle and the lower ponds. When the water splashes out of the spring mouths, the scene is especially spectacular. The temperature of the spring water arrives up to 70 ºC containing the mineral matter like the chemical element sulphur. Therefore, it has a good effect on rheumatism and skin diseases if it is used to have a bath. The scenery of the environment is quite beautiful because of the luxuriant trees and lush bushes and flowers, a chain of undulating hills and a murmuring stream. Li Bai---a famous poet in Tang dynasty once made a special trip here when living in An’lu and composed a poem after visiting the spring. In 1937, the Central Communist Party appointed Tao Zhu to run a training-course class for rural incorporate people and train anti-Japanese leaders. The offices and classrooms are preserved sound up to now. After the establishment of People’s Republic of China, swimming pools, sanatoriums, hotels as well as restaurants have been set up gradually in order to meet the needs of the tourists.

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Bus (to the urban district of Yingcheng)

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Aall round the hour

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