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Luoji Mountain

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Luoji Mountain is located 30 km (19 miles) south of Xichang County. The mountain covers a total area of 2400 square kilometers (927 square miles), with the major scenic area of 1083 square kilometers (418 square miles). The main peak of the mountain is about 4359 meters high. Luoji Mountian got the name because of its shape, which is like the spiral-shaped coil hair style of ancient Chinese girls (in Chinese, spiral-shaped coil is pronounced as “luoji”).

Luoji Mountain is featured for its colorful glaciers and lakes, spectacular-angle peaks and edge ridges of glaciers. It is a natural museum of ancient glacier of the Quaternary Period. It keeps ancient glaciers of varied shapes.

Travel Tips:

  1. The steep mountain roads are quite difficult to identify, so a local guide is needed. You can rent a horse from the local villages to carry your baggage. Besides camping outside in the mountain, you can also choose to live in local people’s house.
  2. Bring enough gears, in case you can’t find a place to shop or accommodate.

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