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Qionghai Lake Scenic Area

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Qionghai Lake is the second largest fresh water lake in Sichuan Province (the largest one is Lugu Lake). It is the located seven kilometers (4 miles) from the city centre, on the northeast of Lu Mountain, and north of Luoji Mountain. With an area of 31 square kilometers (12 square miles), Qionghai Lake is blessed with crystal and limpid water, which combines the magnificent mountains nearby to form a charming scenic spot.

About how the lake came into being, there is still no fixed conclusion, but most people think that the lake was formed because of earthquake. The water was mainly formed by rains and underground water. Qionghai Lake has the shape of snail with the head on the northwest side. The lake is 11.5 km (7 miles) long, and 5.5 km (4 miles) wide. The lake shoreline is about 35 km (22 miles). Just like others highland lakes in Sichuan, Yunnan and Tibet, Qionghai Lake is also famous for its quietness. The scenery of Qionghai Lake is different during different seasons. There are also several attractions on the lake shore, don’t forget to visit some of them.

Featured Activities

Boating and Barbecue
During daytime, the Qionghai Lake is very quiet. Concerning about environmental protection, water vehicles on the lake are strictly controlled by the local government, and there are only one big ship on the lake, and others are all small wooden boats and battery boats. This is one reason for why the place is unusually quiet.

Taking a battery boat and barbecue on the lake would be a great idea to enjoy the pleasant environment there. One battery boat can hold a group of four people, but it would better to make it three. The fare for renting a boat is about 20 yuan per hour. You can learn to drive one, and it’s easy to master it. Don’t forget to use sunscreen to protect your skin.

When you are far from the lake shore, you can turn off the battery, and let the boat float the lake. Some Yi Minority women sell roast fishes on some small wooden boats, and they will come to you and ask whether you want some or not, don’t refuse them. Buy some, and you won’t regret about that, the fishes are quite delicious. Besides roast fishes, there are also other tasty snacks, you’ve got to have a taste.

Enjoy the Romantic Night
During the night, Qionghai Lake has a more romantic scene than the daytime. So don’t forget to drive a boat with your lovers to the lake. The moon there looks especially bigger than elsewhere maybe it is because of its geography location. Even if there is no moon, the starry night sky is also very charming. You can lie down on the boat to count stars at the sky, or just do nothing, the pleasant atmosphere will surely make you forget all your worries and unhappy things. What’s more, you might be able to watch some wonderful Yi Minority dance performances. As is known to all that people of Yi Minority are quite good at dancing.

Biking Around the Lake
Biking would be another great idea to fully absorb the magnificent landscape of Qionghai Lake. There are places where you can rent bikes on the lake shore, and the price is about 10 yuan to 25 yuan. On renting a biking, you need a valid ID and a guarantee deposit of 200 yuan. There is a asphalt road that runs around the lake for about 34 km (21 miles). If you would like to visit all the attractions on the lake shore, the distances will be about 45 km (28 miles).

There are the following attractions that you can visit: Qionghai Park, New Beach Fishing Village, Lotus Lake, Moon Bay, Sunshine Resort, Qinglong Temple and so on.

There are the following snacks for you to taste: drunken shrimps, crabs and about 40 kinds of fishes which are caught from Qionghai Lake.

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