Baiyinxile Pasture

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Constructed in 1950, Baiyinxile Pasture is a national nature reserve accounting 3730 square kilometers. Horses and sheep raised here are famous breed of choiceness. The rich diversification of wild animals and plants is the key, ecological resources of the Prairie. The Prairie has a high level of management and technology. Take racecourse for example. There are good conditions for breeding quality horses, and experts on saddling horse and horse-race. The annual Horse Culture Festival centers on horse and is characterized by activities related with horse, such as choosing through public appraisal the quality horses and the master on horse-breeding, saddling horse, horse race, horsemanship performance, scientific and technological exchanges on horse breeding, and visit to the breeding course of British pureblooded horse. These activities aim at introducing further the spirit of cherishing horses and improvement on the level of horsemanship performance. Besides, there is a safari park which is ten kilometers off the west of the Pasture. By now it has been equipped with enclosure, and is going to introduce more wild animals like deer and chamois.

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There is a bus shift every two hours from Xilinguole to Baiyinxile Pasture. It is a one-hour distance and costs five Yuan.

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