Xilinguole Prairie

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Boasting uniqueness and broadness, Xilinguole Prairie is a well known plain in the temperate zone. It is the most representative and diversified one among all natural prairies in China. Here is meadow grassland, the most gorgeous style of grassland in the world, and hungriness grassland which is characterized by transition into desert. Moreover, there are rare sandlot grass field, precarious grass beach, hypo-grown polar and birch forest, as well as retained spruce forest. Xilinguole Prairie came into being four or five thousand years ago. According to geological record, there used to be Torrid Zone and Sub-torrid Zone Forest Period in history. The dinosaur fossil excavated in Erlianhaote City proves well that the Prairie used to be a land of fascinating Torrid Zone landscape sixty or seventy thousand years ago. The physiognomy here is that of mid Inner Mongolia Plateau. It neighbors Daxing’anling Mountain Range in the east, and connects with Red Apex and Basalt Mesa in the south. The terrain is reduced from the east gradually westwards. Gashunwula Mountain in southeast has the highest altitude of 1699.6 meters while in the lower reaches of Xilin River it is 900-meter deep to the very bottom, constituting a natural fall of 800 meters. Xilin River divides the whole Prairie into two different parts. The south and the west feature basalt mesa dotted by small volcano pricks, displaying fantastic scenery of basalt plateau; the north and the east, as a part of Inner Mongolian Plateau, is characterized by hills and Tala distributing alternately with wind-made sand-belts in between. In a word, physiognomy of the Prairie is quite complicated, diversified, and unique. Vegetations on it are famous for their varied shapes and colors, adding mysticism to Xilinguole Prairie.

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There is one shift of tourist train from Xilinguole to Huhehaote. It starts at late afternoon and arrives at the destination early next morning.

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Tips: Xilinguole Prairie has a typical dry, continental climate of temperate zone. Summer and autumn are short but winter is quite long with clear distinction among seasons. Recently there are more sand storms in spring and autumn. Tourists are suggested to visit the Prairie in other season times. Accommodation: camping is a good choice on prairie. Of course you can spend 20 Yuan with another two tourists on a well-equipped room in nearby towns or villages, but make sure it has a public shower facility and certain time for hot water supply.

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