Xilinguole Travel Guide

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Xilinguole Overview

Xilinguole in Mongolian means “the river on highland”. Accounting 203,000 square kilometers, Xilinguole League is an ethnic minority which is located in the frontier of China and closest to Beijing. It administers nine banners, two cities, and one county, namely, Xilinhaote City, Erlianhaote City, Duolun County, Abaga Banner, West Wuzhuqin Banner, East Wuzhuqin Banner, Left Sunite Banner, Right Sunite Banner, Taipu Temple Banner, Zhengxiangbai Banner, Zhenglan Banner, and Xianghuang Banner. There are 24 ethnic groups such as Mongol, Han, Hui, Dawo’er, and Elunchun. They constitute a total population of 920,000, among which Mongol people accounts 29.6%.

Boasting exquisite and fantastic landscapes, a unique sightseeing and tourist resort of Xilinguole has come into being. It is composed of the National Xilinguole Prairie Nature Reserve, Cailin Mountain Scenic Area, Jinlian River, Huiteng Prairie, the sea of sand with scattered woods, the scenery of setting Sun on Platform of Tuff Rocks, Jiuqu River in Xilin, Wuzhumuqin Prairie, Sunite Prairie, and Wulagai Prairie, etc. You will be impressed by the simple and pure Nadam (a traditional Mongolian festival) rite, wedding on Prairie, memorial ceremony for Aobao (a taper pile of stones as a symbol of sacred power believed by Shamanism), and the traditional way of production and life. Besides, you will find everything is new and fresh here, and then become reluctant to leave after visiting Xiritala Prairie Vacation Village, Mongol Cities, hordes, Wuliyasitai Scenic Spot, Luanyuan Palace, Monansha Paradise, Hubilie (the emperor of Yuan dynasty) Summer Palace, Genghis Khan Vacation Village, Gegen Aobao Vacation Village, the Golden-roof yurt, Zhushi Pasture, and so on. Moreover, you can enjoy to your heart content the fragrant milk tea, Hand-taken Mutton, milk produces, and kumiss, which will also be offered to you as gift when there happens to be traditional festivals. Xilinguole is endowed with pure grasslands, fresh air and amiable climate, demonstrating a fantastic and ideal summer resort.