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Hot Candied Sweet Creme

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/6/19

The thickness of a piece of Hot Candied Sweet Creme depends upon how much milk you use. Normally it takes 3 or 3.5 kilograms of milk and other assistant materials including flour, starch, baking power, white sugar and sesame. The cooking method is as follows. Mix flour, starch and baking power first, add two spoons of water into it, and then churn up. Put a little salad oil into the mixture so as to make it become a crackling paste; cut the prepared creme into pieces of diamond; put salad oil into the hot pan and wait until the creme with crackling paste can keep its form; When the oil temperature rises to 50 to 60 ℃,fry the creme with crackling paste again till it turns golden-yellow; add some water into the pan to let the white sugar melt; when the white sugar turns light-yellow, put it onto the fried creme with crackling paste; scatter some sesame onto it and make the creme more delicious. The major characteristics of the special local food are sweet, crackling and fragrant with strong aroma of milk.