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Xilinguole Shopping

Xilinguole Local Products:

Wuzhumuqin Sheep

Wuzhumuqin sheep are famous for its fine meat, delicious taste, rich juice, high reserve of protein, low fat, and various mineral such as iron, calcium, and phosphor, etc. In order to survive and multiply on the prairie, Wuzhumuqin Sheep have developed the capacity of enduring drought, heat, and coldness. They have adapted to snowstorms and chilliness of the prairie, and therefore superior to other spices of sheep considering the high reserve of heat and tenacity in its meat.

Colored Painting On Cowhide

It is originated from Inner Mongolia and has a long history of over 100 years. The primeval form of the Cowhide Painting is layer-dye cutting on saddle, riding boot, flagon, and chest made of cowhide. Now the colored cuttings are done on a whole cowhide, and then processed through a series of craftwork including dye, polishing, shape-finalizing, and demi-relief printing, etc.

Horn Cup

Horn cups of Mongol people are really exquisite. The tip and well-polished brims of the cup are adorned with silver with fine veins. Each cup has two silver rings. The larger one is tied to a color rope or silver chain, and is therefore convenient for the owner to carry on the shoulder or hung on the wall; the smaller one is connected to the fine tip of the horn and decorated with color fringes. The horn cup is mainly used for toast with guests.

Mongol Robe

Mongol Robe is a kind of unique clothes developed by herdsmen in their nomadic life. Now they only wear it during festivals or collections. Mongol Robe features long and wide sleeves, high collar, buttons on its right front, and veneered laces on neckline, cuff, and margins.

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