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Baiyun Cave Scenic Spot of Kongshan Mountain

Last updated by chinatravel at 2016/4/28

Baiyun Cave Scenic Spot occupies an advantageous location with towering Taihang Mountain in her west and a boundless plain in her east. There are five sights of Baiyun Cave Scenic Spot, including Baiyun Cave, Qishan Lake, Tianhe Mountain, Pretty Heavenly Pool and seven ancient cultural and historic relics.

1. Plentiful Caves  Baiyun Cave of Kongshan Mountain was formed in the middle of Cambrian Period(about 500 million years ago). It’s a rare limestone cave in the north of China. Up to now five known cave halls open to tourists, extend as long as 4,000 meters. Among them, the largest one occupies about 2,170 square kilometers. There are altogether 200 sights. The five known cave halls, linking one with another, create different atmosphere. Hence, they are named ‘the human world’, ‘the Heaven’, ‘the underworld’, ‘the palace of the Dragon King’, and ‘the Maze’ accordingly.

2. Profound religious tour for cultivating oneself through meditation   Tianhe Mountain not only has steep cliffs, flat peaks, slopes, thick forests but is also influenced by strong religious atmosphere. Eight temples have been built here since Tang and Song Dynasties, such as, Ciyun Buddhist convent and XianyanTemple etc. So far, Ciyun Buddhist Convent and other temples reopened to tourists. The houses of the Miao ethnic group and Yunhai Pavilion have been built. And high-standard tour line has been rebuilt.

3. Landscapes of lakes and hills for holidays and relaxation   Qishan Lake has a storage capacity of 1,700 million cubic meters. There are an ancient city built in the Shang and Zhou Dynasties and famous pagodas of China surrounded by park. Some interesting activities are held to delight tourists, such as, marching through torrents and on-water amusement. Qishan lake Garden invested 18 million Yuan, has been put into operation. In addition, more than 20 million Yuan has been invested to construct tourism and holidaymaking villas by the side of Qishan Lake.

4. Primitive second growth for summer resort   The Xiaotiande scenic spot has an area of 50 square meters with an average altitude of above 1,200 meters. There are 6,700 acres of forests and 40,000 acres of primitive second growth, more than 700 types of wild plants and above 100 wild animals. Its average temperature is around 23 degrees in mid-summer. It’s an ideal place for forest exploration,, climbing and hunting, and summer holiday-making.

5. Plenty of cultural and historic relics for sightseeing and archaeological studies   There are two cultural and historic relics under state protection (the cave relics of Xingtai, Pulishi Pagoda), four province-level relics, and more than sixty county-level cultural and historic relics. Some representational cultures and customs show the profound historical culture of Lincheng County, including an ancient pagoda built in Song Dynasty, a square-shaped well and a corner pavilion built in Ming Dynasty, and the worldwide-famous porcelain cave built in Tang and Song Dynasties.

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