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Qingfeng Building

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Qingfeng Building was built in Tang Dynasty and was rebuilt in Ming Dynasty. It enjoys the reputation of ‘the Towering Prefectural Mansion with boundless sightseeing’ The grand three-storied building is above 23 meters high, with titled eaves and square wooden blocks supporting beams and girders and a terrace below in national styles. According to the written history, Ni Guangheng, the prefect of Xingzhou spares no expense on the building to enjoy the letters and officials and to provide them a place to engage in phrase mongering in the Chenghua Period of Ming Dynasty. According to Chen Jin’s Qingfeng Mansion, ‘while officials and the letters were stepping onto the terrace, the big windows opened automatically. They paced up and down, enjoying the boundless sights’ after its completion. At the sight of this, Ni Guangheng boosted that ‘the solemn wind helped to open the windows came from our Majestic emperor. I declare that it spreads in all directions to safeguard our territory and to make it as firm as a huge rock.’ It shows clearly in words and manner that subjects of a feudal ruler were so loyal to the sovereign and so devoted to the country. Hence, it was called ‘the Refreshing Breeze Building’. It has been renovated several times after the Liberation. In addition, it was completely rebuilt in 1997.

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