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The Scenic Spot of Zijin Mountain

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The scenic spots of Zijin Mountain border on Zuoquan county of Shanxi province and Wu’an County, covering a planned tourist area of 28 kilometers. According to the tourist program, it is divided into six parts including: the scenic spot of the strange jar created by the Heaven, the Zijinshan Academy, and the Zijin Mountain, the base of Wutiaoliang Camp, the Houping Resort and the Shanding Pasture. Owing to the diverse topography and landforms, they are integrating peaks, ridges, sloping fields, gorges, valleys, caves, waterfalls and dams. They are also endowed with an advantageous historical and cultural tradition.

Alternating distinctly between four seasons, Zijin Mountain is a best place for flower enjoying in spring, for holidays spending in summer, for fruit picking in autumn and for icy scene in winter. It is appropriate to describe the charm of Zijin Mountain by ‘high mountains, thick forests, graceful water,quiet valleys.’ Guo Shoujin, a well-known and great astronomer, hydraulic expert, and instrument maker, is the pride of the people of Xingtai City,. When Mr. Guo was younge, he followed Liu Bingzhong, a great pime minister of his time, to study in Zijingshan Academy in Yuan Dynasty. The place was high-grade on a certain scale at that time. The site is well preserved till nowadays, which is entitled as ‘the Qinghua University’of ancient times by descendants. Not long ago, the United Nations Astronomical Organization named a lunar Crater on the back of the moon and No.2012 minor planet of the solar system after ‘Guo Shoujin’. Along the tourist line are seven differently-shaped pools in similar size, forming a shape of the Big Dipper in the deep valley. People call it ‘Seven-Star pool’, according to the discovery of seven constellations by Guo Shoujin on Zijin Mountain.

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Regular buses depart from Xingxi Bus Station at 7:30 a.m. every day. The to-and-fro ticket costs 20 Yuan for each person.

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