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The vast valley of Xingtai

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The vast valley in Xingtai, facing Heshun county of Shanxi province, is a great wonder of Taihang Ranges, with eighteen kilometers of tourist area. It is composed of twenty-four valleys, at least eight of which are as long as more than one thousand meters. Its major natural landscapes are as follows: the natural moat like the gate of the hell, crouching valley below the colorful rainbow, water pearls splashing down the steep cliffs, Cliffside waterfalls rushing down like jade, jasper lake and dressing table, jade pearls in the palace of the Dragon King, the reverend Mr. Ji looking like watching the sea, three green mountains jointing together. Huangcao Valley, a deep graben, is the main valley among the mountains with above 4000meters in length and above 200meters in depth. The two high cliffs stand facing each other. The distance between them is as wide as several meters and as narrow as only teen centimeters. Looking up from the valley, you will see steep cliffs bending forward as if they might join in the twinkling of an eye. Hence, it is called ‘a gleam of the sky’.

There are three scenic spots among the connected valleys. The marvelous valleys---the deep narrow valleys are surrounded by cliffs on the borders forming a great wonder of Taihang; high and steep peaks---the peaks around, leaning almost ninety degrees, form red steep cliffs and precipices. The ridges and peaks pile up on each other in disorderly profusion, creating a unique horizon like interlocking teeth of a dog; Cliffside waterfall---below the Huangcao Rock is a strange and spectacular waterfall, which seethes out of a deep pond on the top of a steep cliff rather than flies down the cliff. Then, it flows into a stony jar, whirling out of the jar, and splashes down the cliff of above ten meters high. Standing beside the waterfall, you will hear abrupt wind and fierce water splashing. You will feel a refreshing chill seeping into your heart, which will gladdens your heart very much.

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After get off train at Xingtai Railway Station, you can take No.3 bus to Xingxi Bus Station. There are through regular buses from Xingxi to Hejiaping Village.

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Recommended Time for Tourists: half day or a day

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