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Yunmeng Mountain

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Yunmeng Mountain Scenic Spot is a high mountain of northern China style, whose main peak is above 1,300 meters high. It is a dividing line between Hebei Province and Shanxi Province. The scenic spot is surrounded by Cuiyang Mountain, Niuqun Mountain, and Jiaoding Mountain. Entering the scenic spot, you will feel as if you are entering a huge kettle with a big stomach mysteriously. You will see steep cliffs all around, barren cliffs with green trees on their tops, and a round sky above. Hence, it is called ‘a kettle-shaped fairyland’. It’s divided into four floors: the lowest one called ‘the bottom of the kettle’ with blue streams and quiet valleys, then ‘the middle of the kettle’ with steep cliffs and splashing waterfalls, ‘the upper of the kettle’ with fairy Water-Curtain Cave, and ‘the world beyond the Heaven’ also called the human world paradise.

Yunmeng Mountain has more than 80 scenic spots open to tourists. The scenic spots are closely distributed. The travel schedule is arranged appropriately thrilling but safe. Yunmeng Mountain is well-known for her waterfalls, ponds, and streams. It is a world of waterfalls and a sea of pools, which are formed by the water from the water-Curtain Cave of ‘the world beyond the Heaven’. Though the water-Curtain Cave is towering into clouds and heaven, it has abundant water resource and flows endlessly. When it brims with water, the water surges as a dragon rises out of the sea; when it becomes babbling streams, the water ripples like pearls of silver and jade. Converging two springs from the east and the west, the water of the water-Curtain Cave flows from the highest peak of Yunmeng Mountain, forming the Bailong Sream with gleams of light reflecting on waves in the water. Along its way, it roams among the green hillside, falling down the red cliffs, bypassing the pines, meandering the green grass and finally rushes into a cave. It brings Xiying Waterfall, Gunjiao Waterfall, Longlin waterfall, Sailin Pond, Huanyao Pond, Bibo Pond etc., which altogether form nine waterfallls and eighteen ponds. What’s more, there is endowed with profound cultural traditions. It’s said that a famous Taoist hermit, Gui Guzi, cultivated himself according to the Taoist doctrine and imparted knowledge to his students here in Warring States. Many other earthshaking people had themselves cultivated here, including Sun Bing, Pang Juan, Su Qin, Zhang Yi, Mao Sui. Some relics are still well preserved today, sach as, the road walked by immortals, red millstone, trace left by immortals, and cave carved with Sutra etc..

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You should have a turn at the northern crossing of xingtai from the Beijing-Shenzhen expressway, and then drive through city proper along Yingbing Road to Xinghe Road. Then down at the Bailiangyuan shop, you will find Shibangfang Village. On the other hand, you can take No.3 buses from Xingtai to Yunmeng Mountain.

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Recommended Time for Tourists: half of a day or a day

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