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Baiquan Area of Scenic Beauty

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Baiquan Scenic Area is characteristic by beautiful mountains and clear waters, besides, it also enjoys a long history of culture, as a result, a great many men of letters, high officials, celebrities and scholars are attracted to come here either for sightseeing, for reclusion, or for preachment and teaching as well as writing poems and drawing pictures, so numerous beautiful and splendid poetic works and songs have been handed down for thousands of years. There are relics of a great number of historical figures, such as Sundeng, Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove of the Wei and Jin period; Shaoyong, the famous litterateur Sushi of the  North Song Dynasty; Yuefei of the South Song Dynasty; Liugeng, Wangxin ,Yelvchucai of the Yuan Dynasty; Sun Qilong, Peng Liaofan at the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty; Zheng Banqiao, the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty; Yuan Shikai, Xu Shichang at the end of the Qing Dynasty; traces of some leaders of the party and the state leaders in modern history as well as lots of scholars and celebrities can also be found here. There are more than 50 such historic sites and relics, like Xiaotai, A Bed of Flowers, Starving Husband Tomb, Clear Blaze Pavilion, Shao Fuzi Ancestral Temple, and Yongjin Pavilion, etc.

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There are special tourist lines from Xinxiang to the scenic area; besides, bus No1, and bus No.4 of Huixian city and the bus from city to village pass through the south, west and the east gate of the scenic area respectively.

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