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Guanshan Park

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Guanshan Geology Park covers an area of about 34 square km, it is a miraculous geologic relic formed by the severe crustal movements 2,500,000,000 years ago. The main part of the spot is the Yixiantian path to heaven, the cluster of column shaped peaks, the Bridge from Heaven, and the great cliff. Ravines interlace with each other with cliffs beyond cliffs encircling one another; flying waterfalls, rushing springs, clear rivulets and deep and serene ponds reflects and echoes each other, making Guanshan Geology Park a park of Geology and Physiognomy typical of the South Taihang Mountain. Guanshan Geology Park is located within the area of Huixian, Henan province, on the arc shaped turning point of the south Taihang Mountain, since there is a wedge-shaped pass of decisive strategic importance, it is known as the third pathway of the Taihang Mountain’s eight paths. When the setting sun shines above the pass, purple glow of sunset would fill the entire pass, dazzling and brilliant, in this sense, it has got the name “Purple Glow Pass”. The pass can be traced back to the time before the Autumn and Spring/Warring States Period, and it had been one of the most important fortress contested by different warring arms force, in the Ming Dynasty, it was named the Pass Mountain.

Guanshan Geology Park is made up of three major scenic areas---Pangu River, Flower Mountain and Hundred Treasures Cavity. It begins from the boundary of Shanxi province in the west, and reaches Shimen River in the east; in the south, it originates from the front of the Taihang Mountain, and ends at the Bali Ravine in the north, occupying an area of 34 square km. It is a geologic park of physiognomy and geology with the stele cluster, the Yixiantian pathway as the center, supplemented by the Bridge from Heaven and the Great Cliff. The major characteristics are interlacing ravines and valley, encircling cliffs and barrancas, the flying waterfalls, rushing springs, clear rivulets and deep and serene ponds which mirror each other. It is subjected to the government of Shangbali town, Huixian city.

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There are non-stop buses from Xinxiang to Huixian.

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Telephone number: 0373-6699618

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