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Jinghua Garden

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Jinghua Garden is hidden among the hills and waters, just like a Nature’s engineering work. Pavilions, terraces, and pagodas scatter inside the garden with winding paths leading to the deep and serene places. Long corridors get connected and stone guardrails are joined together. The whole garden appears lively and exuberant with trickling waters, hazy mist, various kinds of frolic fish, dark green pine trees and bamboos, and blossoming flowers. The 50 meters high Heaven and Earth Palace has set up several records in the history of Palace architecture in China: the Palace for All the Wise Emperors of the Previous Dynasties, the Mansion for the Famous Ministers and Military Leaders, the Palace for the Historically Famous Figures of China, the Supernatural World, and the Visional world in which the Hades inquest the treacherous court officials, besides, various kinds of folk-customs of different nationalities will also be displayed. Stone carvings, wood carvings, waxworks are highly vivid and lively, which are excellent in design and lofty in cultural taste with the utilization  of such artistic techniques like the stage design sound, lighting and electricity.  Jinghua Garden is a splendid and magnificent palace of the national cultures, rather complicated and confusing, making you reluctant to leave.

The Jinghua Garden Hotel affiliated to the Jinghua Garden is quite novel in its style with its elegant design and dignified appearance. The painted girders and radgepoles, world-famous drawings, and stone inscriptions as well as reliefs form a unique world of art with deep and thick cultural colors. It is a good place for taking rest, hosting banquets, and for holding meetings with its elegant environment, clear and clean air, and pleasing climate throughout a year. Jinghua Mineral Spring Holiday village and Mineral Spring Sanitarium will send you to a fairyland: there are buildings with unique architectural style, what’s more, there are abundant national-level drinkable mineral water spewing from the underground, pure and colorless, tasteless and aseptic. The mineral water contains more than 30 kinds of microelements which would do goods to our health, so it has significant effects in medical treatment and for keeping health. There are various kinds of high and medium grade facilities of Sauna bath, surf bath, and tub bath for you to choose. The bottled mineral water make you return to nature, while the recreational cultures would make you appear free and easy.

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