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Qiwangzhai Scenic Area

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It is said that the emperor Qiwang of the Spring and Autumn Period Warring States time once lived here in seclusion, thus leaving many interesting legends that enjoy great popularity and many relevant historic sites. The two Emperor Qiwang Waterfalls, one is bright and another is comparatively dim, flicker gleamingly, echo and enhance one another’s beauty. The Sound Spring and Dream Spring in the south and north seem to recall the thousand year-cherished wish. The beautiful deep and serene valley makes tourists feel that if they were in south China. In the south there is a Buddha that blesses the whole area; in the north there is one stele propping up half the sky; in the east, there are prints of the Immortals’ soles; and to the west, it is adjacent to a peak ---The Thumb Peak; two lions lie on the way to the mountain and a divine axe stands on the summit. The exploitation of the scenic area has been expanded to the entire area, but preservation is the best means of development.

Because of the consciousness of natural conservation, the area has preserved its primitive style without any traces of artificial processing, thus attracting many tourists with its own natural landscape. In early summer of the year 2003, the famous director Feng Xiaoning was deeply attracted by the simpleness and naturalness of this place and created his famous movie “Hands Up”. For this reason, this scenic area has also become a natural film and television city.

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The coach station of Xinxiang city, every day at nine a.m. and half past two p.m. there would be autobuses going to the scenic area. If the number of the tourists reaches a certain level, the city public transportation company will designate a special autobus, which will start from the plaza of the railway station of Xinxiang city. All the vehicles from Xinxiang city to Shanxi province, such as to Changzhi, Lingchuan, Jincheng, Gaoping, and so on, etc. will pass through the emperor Qiwang stockaded village scenic area and Qiugou scenic area.

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