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The Ally Mountain

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The Ally Mountain (altar) is actually the altar where the emperor Zhouwuwang made an oath-taking rally before he led his army to crusade against the emperor Zhou in Muye. According to some historical documents, it was formed by those warriors holding soil with their hands, i.e. the place of taking oath was recorded in “Classic of Documents. Oath of Muye” , and it is also the only existing material evidence that can prove that the Muye Battle had taken place between the troops of emperor Wu and emperor Zhou. It is rich in cultural significance, and according to the research, it is the cultural relic of the period from Dragon Mountain culture to the Shang and Zhou dynasties. The following historic sites such as the Feudal Lord Training Field, the Feudal Lord Well, the Horsepond of Emperor Zhouwuwang, and Jiang Taigong (Jiang Ziya)parade platform, are connected to the Ally Mountain, thus forming a grand and magnificent landscape, from which one can recall the historical scene of Muye Battle and seek ancient legends.

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Taking the bus from Xinxiang to Huojia, Xinxiang to Jiaozuo, or Xinxiang to Wuzhi, you can directly reach the Ally Mountain scenic area in Huojia.

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