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Jingju Temple

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The Old Architecture of Jingju Temple dates back to more than one thousand and four hundreds years ago, whose prime days housed more one thousand monks with more than one thousand rooms. In front of the temple, on the both roadsides, stands five old pine trees, one of which has lived more than one thousand years with a huge trunk that could be hugged by three or four people,covering a shadow area of 1,000 m2. Most surprisingly, there grows two more trees on its trunk. There in the temple still exists a stone-plaque inscribed by the Emperor Songzhen writing --“the King-Nominated-Fantian Temple ”, a stele granted by the Emperor MingShen--“the king’s nominated temple”, another stele in memorial of the reconstruction of temple by the Qing Emperor Kangxi--“the King’s Inscription for the Memorial of the Reconstruction of Fantian Temple”. Many celebrities and scholars who traveled here left more than thirties cultural relics. In addition, those splendid temples, together with its elegant and legendary ancient culture provide diversified tourist offerings. Those spots like Da Su Shan, Zi Yun Tower, Bai Lian Pool, DongPo’s Reading Room are known to every household; while some existing spots such as “XiShan Yuanying”, ErMenGuanTian, XianRen Dong, DiaoYu Tai etc are surprisingly pleasing and appealing.  

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Means of Transportation: Direct Travel Bus at Xinyang Bus Station.

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Opening Time: 8:00—18:30

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