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Mt. Jigongshan Scenic Spot

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Mt. Jigongshan is part of the Dabie Mountain Range, with an area of twenty-seven km2. The main peak Baoxiao Feng, 744 meters high above sea level, stands in the shape of an up-roaring, day-break-heralding cock, which helps give its name. The exploration of Mt. Jigongshan has a history more than one hundred years. At the beginning of this century, two American missionaries Li Lisheng and Shi Daoge climbed the mountain twice, and then they published articles in English newspapers praising the mountain for its elegant scenery, comfortable weather and ideal summer holiday resort. Since the visit of the two missionaries, tides of western people in China come to visit this mountain. With the dozens of years of construction, Mt. Jigongshan is no longer an untouched wilderness, but has turned into a booming mountainous city.           

Mt. Jigongshan is a natural part of wildlife. It is covered with lush vegetation in different varieties, totaling about one thousand and seven hundred diversified plants with coniferous trees, broadleaf trees, wild flowers and unknown weeds interspersed with each other, completing a beautiful landscape; it contains more than six hundred medical plants, including such precious plants as Reishi, Jiusi Huaiyang Cao, Madeng Cao, Polygonum multiflorum Thunb and One Flower with seven leaves. Various most rare animals also find their home here, with more than seventeen species, one hundred and nine varieties; wild animals include leopard, deer, wild goat, red fox, leopard cat, masked civet etc.

The rocks of Mt. Jigongshan are characterized by their exotic, pretty, delicate and unique features; the General Rock, the Valentine Rock and the Sword Rock all get their names by their incredibly lifelike shapes. The charming scenery and fresh air make the mountain an ideal place for summer holiday, tourism and therapy.

 Mt. Jigongshan is rich in cultural, historical elements. The landscape consists of Beishan, Donggou, Summer holiday Garden, Baoxiao Peak, Air-raid Shelter, and Dashen Gou six top scenic spots where it is granted with fresh air and quietness all the year around, with uproarious birds and flourishing plants in spring, cool and soft weather in summer, loquacious water and fallen leaves in autumn and deep layers of pure snow in winter. Some red tower erected along the mountain-path where one can take a rest with a cup of nice tea, completely indulged in the beautiful mountain shrouded in the mysterious mist, listening to the water by the riverside. The Buddha light, Cloud sea, Rime ice, Rain ice, Xia guang, Exotic plants, Windy site and Qingfengchuyu are the eight natural scenic spots of Mt. Jigongshan which is known as “clear hills with fresh water, bright water with lush forest, cool and comfortable weather, unique and exotic scene, fantastic scene of another world ”. With its relatively low altitude and unique geographical location, Mt. Jigongshan is endowed with high-mountain-weather but exempt from high-mountain-reaction, which contribute to an ideal place for summer holiday and therapy. It is a natural scenic spot that is made up of by numerous factors, strikingly dangerous peaks and queer rocks, countless rivers and water falls, unknown flowers and plants, rural scenery of mountain villages as well as exquisite pavilions, stations, towers etc. Thus earns its name of “China’s ideal summer holiday resort” and “Garden in the air of South Henan province”. Among its Green Mountain and clear rivers, interspersed and accentuated by thousands of villas in foreign style. Established in accordance with mountain range, with various patterns and styles, as well as “beautiful environment, elegant pattern, exotic style and high-class taste”, these buildings earn the title of “the World Architecture Exhibition”.  Owing to its splendid scenery and unique geographical location, Mt. Jigongshan has always been attracting celebrities in history. The story of the first Emperor of Ming dynasty Zhu Yuanzhang, the leader of farmer force Li Zicheng, together with the legend of the Young Lady with Red Flower, make the whole area cover with a sense of mystery.       

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Means of transportation: Take the railway from Zhenzhou Railway Stantion to Xinyang Railway Station, and then take a ninety-minute-bus to the destination--Mt. Jigongshan. There are two ways of climbing the mountain: one can either take a bus, which might cover a distance of nine kms and cost about forty minutes; another choice is to climb the mountain on foot, which is shorter in a distance of four kms but relatively longer in time.

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Opening Time: 8:00—18:30

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