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Nanwan Lake Scenic Spot

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Nanwan Lake is twenty miles from the east to the west in width, fifty miles from the south to the north in length, totaling an area of seven km2. Surrounded by lines of mountains, stretches of forest, many small islands could be seen embedded in the water like precious green stones. Viewing from faraway, the water seems to be mixed up with the sky. In the east of Nanhu Lake exists Yingxian Temple, Wugong Ling in the west, Longtan waterfall in the south, a ferry in the north. Countless small islands in different shapes intersperse among the green water, just as “drops of big and small rain falls off onto the plate”. With ten thousand different birds staying at the islands to rear their offspring, birds could be seen and heard every where. The Monkey Island houses dozens of wild monkeys that are smart and cute, winning many tourist favors. The performance of ethnic songs and dances in the Leisure Summer Island is deeply dotted with the local geographical features, and the snake-playing performance well satisfies tourist lure of wonder. A great many birds, lions, monkeys, wild pigs and camels further strengthen the charm of Nanhu Lake.

Nanhu Lake is an ideal site for diving, boating, swimming and fishing. One can appreciate the beautiful water and mountain, when he is visiting the site of box-raise-fish. In the upstream of the lake lies the five great mountains, the birthplace of Xinyang MaoJian; the opposite side of the lake is Cheyun Shan where it is a good place to have a full sight of Longpu waterfall, a visit of tea garden, and to enjoy a cup of Xinyang MaoJian.     hao

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Means of Transportation: take direct travel bus at Xinyang Bus Station.

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Opening Time: 8:00—18:30

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