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South Jinggangtai Nature Protectation Area

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South JinGangTai (KingKong Tai) Natural Preservation contains dozens of mountains which are more than one thousand meters in height. The highest peak JinGangTai (KingKong Tai), with its height of 1584 meters, is the highest part of DaBie Shan in Henan Province, and gains its name by peculiar rocks which take the shape of King Kong. With an area of 138 square meters, three mountains and two rivers, its surface is mainly covered by Natural Secondary Forest, with a small number of HuangShan Song Man-made Forest. With rare human influence, it contains the largest varieties in wildlife and botany in Henan Province, which helps earn the name of “Biology Treasure Chamber”. Most precious plants such as WuZhenSong of DaBie Shan, XiangGuo Shu, Tianma, JiGeng, and wild animals under the state-level protection such as Jinqian Leopard, ShangCheng Feiyi, Henhuying are widely distributed. The eco-tea produced here “JinGang Bili” is a sort of top tea. Queer pine trees, strange rocks and stones, green hills and rivers, as well as countless waterfalls shape a great many unique natural spots, strange stones include Maoer shi, Wanren Ya, Yueliang Kou , Taiyang Jian etc; while the waterfalls and abysses contains HuangLong Tan, WuLong Tan, HuaMei TiaoJia, JiuZhangTan etc.     

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Means of Transportation: Direct Travel Bus at Xinyang Bus Station.

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Opening Time: 8:00—18:30

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