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Tangquan Pool Scenic Spot

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The hot spring here was formed about 100 million years. It has three spring mouths, delivering about 650 tons of bright and clean water that is about 56 to 58 Celsius degree every day. Owing to its effect in caring skin, stimulating appetite as well as hypnosis, the water also gets the name of “therapeutic spring”. Ancient people used such hot spring to cure diseases, which could be proved by the Hot Spring College and JingFan Temple established by them here.  

With its beautiful scenery, pleasing climate, Tangquan Pool not only offers hot spring, but also many natural and cultural resorts. The famous of Lines Li Zhi of Ming Dynasty “wash the soul with thousands of winding rivers, wash the foot in the hot spring house”, and another scholar of Qing Dynasty Wang Diao’s words “it is a pleasure to swim with friends in the pool and thus one can walk home slowly with satisfaction”. The island in the middle of the lake provides tourists with a site where they can listen to waves ripping the bank, or climb up the ShenShui Ge to enjoy the full picture of the whole site; On the XiangBishan (Elephant Trunk Mountain) stands the memorial Li Zhi Booth where tourists can take rest; and a boat trip is available for tourist to experience the fantastic scenery of “the reflection of dozens of mountains on the surface of water makes a heaven”.

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Means of Transportation:Direct travel bus at Xinyang Bus Station

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Opening Time: 8:00—18:00

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