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Airline Service

Though Xinyang has no civilian airport, both the Wuhan Tianhe Airport in the south and Anhui Fuyang Airport in the east are accessible within 150 km.

Railway Service

With three railway lines, Jingguang line, Jiangjiu line and Ningxi line crossing the city, the railway service is accessible.

The Information Office of Xinyang Railway Station: 0376-6224114

The Consultation Office of Xinyang Railway Station: 0376-6224114

The Booking Office of Xinyang Railway Station: 0376-6224114

Road Service

Xinyang has two highways, Jingzhu Highway and Xihe Highway, and another Ashen Highway is under construction. Besides, No.106 national highway, No.107 national highway and No. 312 highway crosses this city. The wide range of road system provides tourists with convenience from all parts of the country.

The Information Office of Xinyang Bus Station: 0376-6227575

City Transport

Public Transportation

Though Xinyang does not have many choices of public bus lines, the whole downtown city area is easily reachable with its sixteen bus service lines, ranging from Line No.1 to Line No. 16. 

Taxi Service

The beginning price for taxi service is four yuan, a relatively low price. But the administration of taxi service is still poor, without uniform cars and rate of fee. (There are some differences now in reality)

Xinyang Shi Tongda Taxi Service Co. ltd.

Tel: 0376-6608199

Waterway Service

Xinyang is granted with the only open port of Henan to the sea—Huaibin Port, which provides a direct waterway to the city of Shanghai .

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