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Fairy Maiden Lake

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The scenic spot covers an area of 198 square kilometers with water area being 50 square kilometers. Countless islands dot the scenic spot. The lake is so clean that one can see to the bottom. Virgin forests are mysterious and attractive. The whole scenic spot is linked by common mountains and rivers, lakes and islands. The nature scenery of the Fairy Maiden Lake is plain and graceful with characteristics of quiet, elegant, unusual and imposing. Different types of sceneries are available in the scenic spot: such as Wulkong Lake, Zhongshan Gorge, Jiyang Lake etc. The Fairy Maiden Lake has a profound historical culture and it is the representative of Xinyu’s civilization that has more than 5,000 years old. For instance, one thousand years old town; old bridge in water, ancient stone inscription under water; old temple; old pottery house ruin etc. can be considered as marvelous spectacles of China. There used to be the location of the old Fenyi county seat which had already sunk into water. The reason why Fenyi County was well-known was that it was a birthplace of many outstanding persons. Here, once lived a famous scientist Song Yingxing of the Ming Dynasty, the famous book about science and technology called Tiangongkaiwu was written by him when he lived here; and here was a native place of Luzhao, the first Number One Scholar of the Tang Dynasty; also a hometown of Wang Qinrou, the important court official of the Song Dynasty; a birthplace of Yansong, the minister of the Ming Dynasty and it was a place where Ge Hong, the Taoism great master made pills of immortality.

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By No1、10、19 bus and get off at Fairy Maiden Lake bus stop.

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