Hot Spring in Qi Village

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The mouth of spring is as deep as 26 meters; the temperature is as hot as 63℃; the content of radon is 83.6-127 eman/L, with much of calcium sulphate. It also contains sulfureted hydrogen, silicic acid and other mineral compositions, so the spring is also called complex spring. According to the expert testimony, the water quality of the spring in Qi Village is the first in China and rare in the world. The spring is famous for its healing efficacy for various skin diseases in China. There are many hot spring sanitarium built here.

The hot spring in Qi Village is precious and special, containing various trace elements which are good for human health. Hot spring can be classified into 12 categories according to medicinal functions, among which the hot spring with radon is the best, commonly called “the essence one of springs”. Radon is a radioelement with high medicinal function. The radon hot spring contains rich mineral compositions with high medicinal value and health care value, reputed as “curing-diseases spring” “never-old spring”. According to the documents and clinical experiments, the hot spring here can cure osteoarthropathy, skin diseases, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, eczema, posttraumatic sequela, vegetative nerve functional disturbance, and other diseases, and its total effective rate is over 90%.  

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There are tourist buses to Qi Village directly.

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8:00 a.m.-18:00p.m

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Recommended Time: a half day or a whole day

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