The Lao Niu Gulf

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The Lao Niu Gulf, located in Pianguan County of the Shanxi Province, is famous for its location, for here is where the Yellow River first meets the legendary Great Wall. Just one of ten of the most beautiful gulfs in China, Lao Niu Gulf was built in 1467 and once hosted a castle which served to station soldiers in the Ming Dynasty. It sits at the junction of the Shanxi Province and Inner Mongolia; more specifically, the Lao Niu Gulf faces Qingshuihe County of Inner Mongolia and backs on Pianguan County of the Shanxi Province, and it calls the Ordos Plateau of Zhungeer its neighbor. Due to its absolutely central location, it is said that when a rooster crows in the Lao Niu Gulf, the bellow of its call can be heard in three cities at the same time. The entire gulf’s tourism area actually includes three gulfs and one canyon. These include the Baozita Gulf, Lao Niu Gulf, Sizuota Gulf, and Yangjiachuan Canyon. When one considers that this area is the main cradle of Chinese civilization and represents the metaphoric backbone of China, it is hard to not show respect and astonishment. The best time to visit the Lao Niu Gulf is from autumn to winter. The Lao Niu Gulf was selected as the Top Undiscovered China Attractions

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In Pianguan County of Taiyuan City.

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Take the bus from Taiyuan City to Pianguan County at Pianguan Bus Station.

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