Xinzhou Ancient City

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XinZhou was called Xiurong in ancient times. Now Xinzhou Administrative Office and the station of Xinzhou Local Committee locate here. During the Spring and Autumn Period, Xinzhou was a part of Jin County; in the Warring States period, it belonged to Zhao County; in the Qin and Han Dynasties, it belonged to Taiyuan Jun, Yanmen Jun and Taiping Jun; in the Sui Dynasty, it belonged to Xinxindu and Yanmen; in the Tang Dynasty, Five Dynasties and Song Dynasty, it belonged to Dingxiang Jun; in the Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties Xinzhou was called Dai zhou or Baode Zhou; in the first years of Republic of China, Xinzhou belonged to Yanmen Dao; During the period of the War of Resistance against Japan and the War of Liberation, the most parts of Xinzhou belonged to Jinchaji and the west part of Xinzhou belonged to Jinsui; in 1949, Xinzhou Special Administrative Area was set up.

North gateway of Xinzhou City is a important historical relic in Xinzhou City, on old arched north city gate. The north gateway of Xinzhou city was built in the twenty-second year of Wanli reign in the Ming Dynasty. The gateway is located on the city wall which is 1.2 meters high, so it looks more lofty and more magnificent. The city wall stands straight, painted with red color; opening doors are built at the bottom of the city wall, the top of the opening doors are very high and the bottom is over 3 meters wide; there are zigzag stone steps to the top on the both sides of the city wall and the top is surrounded by bricks. The width of the gateway is seven rooms, the depth is four rooms, and multiple eaves are three. Under the eaves, there are twenty-two red pillars. Gravel boards are put between two floors of pillars. There is not a single pillar in the gateway; the whole structure is very simple and strong. It is the only high wood structured building in Xinzhou City.

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You can get to Taiyuan first and then take a bus from Taiyuan to Wutai Mountain. The price for the ticket is about 20 yuan. It is very convenient for there are many buses.

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a whole day

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Recommended Time: a whole day

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