Yu King Cave

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Yu King Cave is commonly called Immortals Cave or Xiandeng Kiln. It was renamed Yu King Cave for there is a statue which resembles Yu King in the cave.

It was said that as early as 4,000 years ago Da Yu sailed along the Fen Rive up north and tied his boat here when he controlled water, hence Jizhoushan Mountain got its name.

The entrance of Yu King Cave is 1,768 meters above sea level and the cave stays at an even temperature (8℃-11℃) all year round. It is a natural limestone karst cave. In the cave, roads connect with roads, caves link with caves, some caves are so high that you can not see the top, some caves are so deep that you can see the bottom. In summer, it is breezy in the cave; in winter, it is as warm as in spring here. At present, proved caves are over 2,000 meters long and the caves built for sight viewing are over 700 meters (four floors, three halls and ten caves). There are many natural landscapes worthy viewing to make people forget to go home. Zigzag swings, gorgeous colors, strange caves, odd stones, stalagmite, stone column, cave flower, stone waterfall, stone Buddha and stone pagodas here are without number. The mountains outside of Yu King Cave are magnificent, covered with dense forest. There is beautiful scenery, pleasant climate, singing birds and fragrant flowers, so here is a national forest park.   

Yu King Cave is a combination of adventure, danger, oddity and beauty. There are some scenic spots: “Bajie Fossil”, “stone mother lion and a little lion”, “a sleeping lion which just wake up”, “hedgehogs are traveling in the cave”, “thousands of Buddha make a pilgrimage”, etc. These scenic spots are colorful and with odd shapes, with high appreciating value.    

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How to Get There?
You can get to Taiyuan first and then take a bus from Taiyuan to Wutai Mountain.

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7: 00 a.m.-17:30 p.m.

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Recommended Time: a half day

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