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The residents of Xishuangbanna mainly belong to Dai Minority. Dai ethnic cuisine, renowned among Yunnan Cuisine, is take sticky rice, sourness, grill and aquatic products as the principal things and seasoned with wild flavor. The representative dishes are Fragrant Bamboo Rice, Boiled Fish with Pickled Bamboo Shoot and Chili and Fish Grilled by Fragrant Grass and Charcoal.

Xishuangbanna Featured Food:

Meat Cooked In Bamboo

Meat Cooked in Bamboo is a famous dish of Hani Nationality. The way of cooking goes like this: firstly, meat is washed clean and cut into pieces, and then it is mixed with ginger, pepper, wild Chinese prickly ash and salt. Secondly, such a mixture is put into a piece of bamboo whose opening is covered with plantain leaves and roasted in fire. Such a dish is fragrant and delicious.

Pineapple Violet Rice

This is a special rice food of Dai Nationality. First soak some polished glutinous rice, then wash and mix it with some minced meat. Then cut a small area off a pineapple and hollow the pineapple, stuffing it with the mixture of rice and meat. At last, cover the cut and get it steamed in a wok. Sweet and delicious, the rice is good for one’s blood and lung.

Sour Ant Eggs

It is a good time to dig out Sour Ant Eggs in March or April. The cooking of Sour Ant Eggs is rather easy. You scramble pepper, garlic and salt with pig oil and then add in ant eggs and boil for about half an hour. Full of rich protein, Sour Ant Eggs which is a specialty favor of Jinuo Nationality tastes sweet and a little sour.

Salted Cattle Tendon

Salted Cattle Tendon is traditional famous dish of Dai Nationality, whose ingredients are heads and feet of cattle, green onion, ginger, red pepper, leaves of wild Chinese prickly ash and salt. Firstly, heads and feet of cattle are washed and scraped clean. Secondly, such heads and feet are cut into small parts and boiled properly. Thirdly, bones of such boiled heads and feet are removed and the meat is cut into strips and soaked in rice water. After a few hours, the meat is taken out and mixed with red pepper, pounded ginger, green onion, salt and leaves of wild Chinese prickly ash, and then it is persevered in a pot and kept for half a month. Finally it is ready for eating.

More Details

Fish Soup With Grilled Heated Pebble

This is a special favor dish of Bulang Nationality. The way of cooking goes like this: grilled heated pebbles and fish are put into a steaming box to be braised together.

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