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Banqiao nature protected area

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The main peak in the area is 1153 meters high. The area has well protected original forest. The density of Negative Oxygen Ions is high and there are thousand kinds of aquatic vascular plant. The protected area at provincial level was set in 1995, and it occupies an area of 63 square kilometers. Now it has more than fifty thousand mu well preserved Castanopsis eyrei natural forest. It is the best preserved original forest in the northeast subtropic area. Inside the area there are over ten kinds of plants protected at the state level and more than 30 kinds of animals protected by the state at one and two degrees. There are nearly thousand kinds of animals protected at provincial level. The area is called the kingdom of animals, the paradise of living being diversity, and the pure land of genes resources by the experts.

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How to Get There?
In Ningguo city there are buses that can reach the protected area directly. There are three buses go there every day. One in the morning and two in the afternoon. In Jin County of Anhui province there are buses that can also reach the protected area directly

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from 8:30 to 18:00

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