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Taiji Cave scenery spot in Guangde

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Taiji Cave formed about 200 million years ago. Now the depth of the cave is 54 hundred meters. It consists of upper cave, lower cave, dry cave, water cave, and sky cave. There are hills in the cave and caves in the hill. All the caves there are connected. They are wonderful and mysterious. Taiji cave, mainly consists of Dry cave and Water cave, is the largest natural limestone cave in East China. There are more than five hundred spots there. They, we can say, have the features of precipitousness, wonderfulness, colorfulness, and fantasty. They are the representatives of the limestone caves in China. The average temperature in the caves is 18 degrees C.

For the convenience of visitors, the caves are equipped with cableways, slides, and cable cars.

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How to Get There?
Guangde County situates in southeastern part of Anhui province. It is very convenient to get there. The No. 318 national highway and Wuhang railway line run cross the county from east to west, and the No. 215 highway and No. 230 at provincial level run cross the county from south to north. Every town and every village in the county are connected with highways.

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Opening Hours:
7:00 to 18:00

More Tips:
Guangde County situates in the continental subtropical monsoon humid climate zone. The four seasons there are quite different and the climate there is mild. The rainfall there is plentiful and the sunshine there is abundant. The best time to visit there is summer.

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