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Xuancheng Travel Guide

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Xuancheng Overview

Xuancheng city in Anhui province connects Jiangxi Province and Zhejiang Province in the east, Hua Mountain in the west, Yellow Mountain in the south, and borders Yangtze River in the north. Xuancheng city is an important passageway that connects coastal area in southeastern China and inland China. It is also one of the most important cities open to the outside world in Anhui province. So it is convenient to establish trade ties, import new technology, and exchange information with the outside world in Xuancheng city.

Xuancheng city is rich in resource. The three treasures in the study Xuan paper, Xuan writing brush, Chinese ink in Anhui province, ancient building in Jixi County, and food culture in Xuancheng city represent the core of Anhui culture. The superior quality tea such as Green tea in Jingting Mountain, black tea in Yongxi, and Yashan tea, and wild walnut, jujube, Chinese chestnut, gingko, green plum, and air-dried bamboo shoots are all famous precious local products in Xuancheng city. Jing County is the hometown of Xuan paper, the most famous paper in China. Kangxi County was rewarded as the hometown of green tea in China by ministry of agriculture. Guangde County was regarded as one of the ten hometown of bamboo by the State Forestry bureau. Ningguo city, a city at county level, was known as the hometown of Yuanzhu bamboo and wild walnut.

Tele code: 0563

Post code: 238000

Administrative division: Xuancheng District, Ningguo city Langix County, Guangde County, Jinde County, Jixi County, and Jin County.

The telephone number of tourist complaining:  0563-3022748