Dahong Mountain Village Scenic Spot

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With a height of 1156 m and the fame of “the Top of Xuchang”, the main mountain peak of Dahong Mountain Village is highest in Xuchang City. Standing at the peak, you can have a bird’s eye view of the scenic spot. It has crossing gorges and valleys, continuous mountain ranges, and spectacular sights. In the east of the main peak, there are two other mountain peaks (steep Zhaimolou Peak and subdued Keladuo). Among these three mountain peaks, there are over 30 scenic highlights, such as Water Screen Rooster Peak and Cave, Bodhisattva Rock, from the west to the east. No matter where you are, on the cliffs, in the forests, among ravines and gullies, or at the top of mountains, you can enjoy the surprise of coming across scenic highlights.

In the scenic spot, you can see many clear springs, streams, and water dams whose surfaces are as smooth and slippery as the mirror and whose water supplies are abundant in four seasons. From the west to the east, you will find Mingdong Spring in the mountain side, Chenjiao Spring covered by old ginger trees, Hanyan Spring in the crack of calcareous rocks, and White Dragon and Black Dragon Pools under the cliff. In the mountain, you can find Jinpeng, Wuhe, and Shimen Dams and enjoy the scene of waterfowls, fishes and shrimps swimming in the clean water.

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