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National Floriculture Expo Park

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Set up from March, 2002 and finished in September, 2002, the park covers an area of 1500 mu and is 600 m long from south to north and 1600 m long from east to west. It is designed by Professor Liang Yongji of Landscape Architecture Department of Beijing Forestry University. In accordance with the principle of giving priority to people and ecological environment as well as achieving multi-species and sustainable development, he divides the park into 13 areas (Expo Exhibition Area, Plum Blossom Exhibition Area, Famous Flowers and Trees Exhibition Area, Tropical Plants Exhibition Area, Bamboo Plants Exhibition Area, Holiday Resort, Children’s Amusement Park, Popular Science and Ecology Exhibition Area, Coniferous Plants Exhibition Area, and others. The park has the functions of flowers and trees exhibition, trade marketing, ecological tour, popular science development, and so on. The Second and Third Floriculture Expos had been held successfully respectively in 2002 and 2003.

Yanling County has a long history of flower growing, which prospered from Tang and Song Dynasties and peaked in Ming and Qing Dynasties. It has the fame of “Yanling County’s plum blossoms excel all under the heaven”. With four distinctive seasons, it has abundant sunshine, fertile land and sweet water. With a superior geographical location, it’s a natural foundation to cultivate the southern flowers in the north and northern flowers in the south.

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