Purple Cloud Mountain Scenic Spot

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According to a famous ancient geography book, the Purple Cloud Mountain got its name since its peak was always covered by purple clouds.

If you come here in spring and summer, you will be fascinated with its clean water. If you come here in the autumn, you will be greeted with magical scenery. After the leaves of daimyo oak turn red in forest season, the mountain will look crimsoned through. There is an old saying that “the leaves of daimyo oak are redder than red flowers which bloom in February, so you needn’t go to Fragrant Hill to enjoy the red maple leaves”. If you reach the mountain top, the most exciting place Nanping Plain, a habitat of rare black butterfly, will be in front of you. It is very flat and covers an area of about 5 square kilometers. The mountain will be flourished with pink peony and redbud flowers in spring and summer and covered by golden chrysanthemum in the autumn.

The scenic has nine mountains (Purple Cloud, Lingwu, Tortoise, Mengliang, Jiaozan, Jian, Shou, Camel, and Shuyuan Mountains), five lakes (Purple Cloud, Immortal, Fairy, Dragon Spring, Six Kings Lakes), one river (Willow Lake) and numerous places of interests such as the royal Cloud Purple Shuyuan of Ming Dynasty, the place where Emperor Hua met the locus tree, Lao Zi (the founder and patriarch of Taoism who lived in Spring and Autumn Period) Cave, the birthplace of Jiangziya (a prime minister of Shang and Zhou Dynasty), Zhao Gongming ( a god of wealth) Cave , the six tombs of Emperor Chu, the Memorial Temple for General Lingwu, the tomb of General Jiaozan of Song Dynasty, Mengliang Mountain Village, and Lotus Cave of Ming Dynasty.

Purple Cloud Mountain is famous for the magic, beautiful, quiet, and antique scenery. It is most magic in purple cloud, red daimyo oak leaves, and melting snow and most beautiful in bamboo forest, sweet spring, and green forest sea. The scenic spot is a natural oxygen bar, where you can also enjoy the singing of birds in deep forests and the surprise of finding rare species. The scenic spot has a long humanitory history and many places of interests. The most splendid sight is the daimyo oak forests, the leaves of which are redder than red flowers and seem to be able to burn a half sky, mountain peaks, lakes and rivers crimson. Nowadays, Purple Cloud Scenic Spot has become a hot tourist attraction in central area of China.

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Both Xuchang and Xiangcheng Counties have tourist bus lines to the scenic zone.

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Recommendation Tourist Time: Spring and autumn

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