Spring and Autumn Pavilion Scenic Spot

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Spring and Autumn Pavilion (also called Da Jie Pavilion) locates in the city center of Xuchang and in the Middle Duan of Wen Temple Qian Street. It became prosperous in Tang and Song Dynasties, and peaked in Ming and Qing Dynasties. In the year 200 AD (the fifth year of Jian’an, Han Dynasty)when Liu Bei was defeated by Cao Cao and took refuge with Yuan Sao, his two wives and sworn brother Guan Yu were captured by Cao Cao in Xiapi. Thanks to Cao Cao’s condescension, Guanyu accepted a residence granted by him and was commissioned the Assistant General of Han Dynasty at first and Shou Ting Marquis later. Guan Yu divided his residence into two courtyards, let two sisters-in-law (Liu Bei’s wives) live in the inner yard, and he lived in the outside yard. He gave his regards to them every morning and evening. He always stayed up late to read the Spring and Autumn Annuals under candlelight. In memory of Guan Yu, people established Emperor Guan Temple as well as Spring and Autumn Pavilion here.

As the main building of Emperor Guan, the Spring and Autumn Pavilion is characterized by precise structure, advanced pattern, and splendid out looking. It has a brick-and-wood structure, tiers of eaves, green glazed title roofs and a height over 30 meters. It is a two-storey building with a winding porch on each floor and covers a floor space of three ordinary rooms. There are 16 bluish stone porch pillars carved with pictures of flowers, birds, worms, fishes, and human characters.

Spring and Autumn Pavilion is the highest building of Emperor Guan Temple. It stands between Knife Pavilion and Seal Pavilion and has a vivid scripture of Guan Yu who was still reading Spring and Autumn Annuals at midnight. Its east courtyard is divided into front and back palaces, in which you can find gardens, Wen’an Pavilion (where Guanyu gave regards to his sisters-in-law) and the scriptures of his two royal sisters-in-law and others.

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It’s only 1km away from the railway station and bus station and only 47 km from Zhengzhou International Airport. You can take Bus No. 6, 5,101 and get off at Spring and Autumn Square.

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Recommendation Sightseeing Time: 40 minutes for Spring and Autumn Pavilion.

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