The Site of the Ancient Xuchang City

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The ancient Xuchang City covers an area of about 50 mu. Its broken walls, and consolidate soil foundation can still be recognized. There are rich historic relics, numerous elegant broken bricks and tiles of Han Dynasty. There are pan roof tiles portrayed with the design of bird and rope, brick relief portrayed with the design of fish, cloud, flower, and leaf, the bricks and eave tiles portrayed with the characters “Qianqiu (a thousand year) or Wansui (eternal of life)”, hollow pottery pillars with pictures of war chariots decorated by dragons and phoenixes, white marble balusters, bronze spears, the seals of grand marshal of Han Dynasty, swords, arrows, horse bits, coins, cooking pots for Cao Cao’s army, stone mills, and other precious relics. For thousands of years, the ancient Xuchang City has been the symbol of a dynasty, the place where Cao Cao (a famous strategist, statesman, and literator) and achieved success, and one of the important cradles of Jian’an culture, and has attracted numerous scholars ,celebrities, and tourists on and on.

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