Xuchang Museum

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The museum is novel and elegant in construction, magnificent in momentum, and symmetrical in layout. With the Wentong Tower as the central axis, the buildings of museum are symmetrically distributed in the south and the north. The layout of exhibition area is in the shape of “U”, and it’s made of two quadrate yards. The sightseeing area is an integration of towers, pavilions and terraces connected by long corridors. The museum is made of a group of ancient style buildings with precise and refined layout, single eave and round ridge roofs, white walls, gray tiles, red pillars, and upturned eaves. It has integrated the features of Jiangnan gardens and North China yard houses. Fitting nicely into Wentong Tower Scenic Spot, it becomes a humanitory tourist attraction of the ancient Xuchang City.

The museum is divided into three yards, the door districts, halls, and pavilions of which are connected by winding corridors and nicely fit into the format. The museum and Wentong Tower are outstanding against each other. Attracted by the historical pictures, data and other cultural relics of Three Kingdoms Period exhibited in the museum, tourists come here on and on.

The museum has more than 12000 relics, such as bronze, pottery, porcelain, jade, calligraphy and drawing, stone and brick relief, most of which are relics of Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms Period. The museum is renowned for the pottery and relief of Han Dynasty.

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Taking Bus No. 102, 104, and 2 from Xuchang Railway Station and getting off at Traffic Police Stop, you can reach the museum.

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Recommendation Sightseeing Time: 2 hours

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