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Yuzhou Forest Botanical Garden Scenic Spot

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With a total area of over 3200 mu (1mu= 6 acre), it has more than 1000 species of trees collected from home and abroad or created through genetic engineering. The garden has over 100 sightseeing spots, 3 sightseeing regions (Flower, Bamboo and Willow Stream Regions where you can enjoy the sweet smelling and beautiful sight of flowers, bamboos, and willows), and 9 scenic districts (Door, Ying Zhong Forest which gather together the trees in the world, Evergreen Forest, Color Leaf Forest, Fruit Forest, Medicinal Plant, Flowers and Trees, Sightseeing Nursery Districts). The scenic spot is characterized by four distinctive seasons. You can enjoy the greenery and flowers in spring, enjoy the cool shade under trees and listen to the gurgling water in summer, enjoy the red maple leaves in fall, and enjoy the snow scenery and plum blossoms in winter. It has integrated the features of Jiangnan gardens, scenery of north and center China, and local features of Yuzhou scenic spots into one. You will find both natural and humanitory places of interest. With the natural sightseeing tour as the mainstay, it is a multifunctional forest botanical garden which integrates sightseeing tour, relaxation and holiday services, entertainment industries, production exhibitions, scientific research, and business reception into one.

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You can take buses from the city center.

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Recommendation Sightseeing Time: One day

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