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Xuchang Food

Last updated by  at 2017/4/26

Xuchang Featured Food:

Big Bowl Mutton Stewed Noodle

Mutton Stewed Noodle used to have white (not spicy) soup, and now both white and spicy soup. The braised mutton of Small North Street of New Town is as delicious as the beef brisket of Guangzhou. The soup of stewed noodle is mainly made of mutton meat and ribs and supplemented by bean vermicelli, medlar, parsley, sea vegetables, and others. It’s wonderful to enjoy the broad flat stewed noodle and the supplementary mutton, seafood or other soups. The stewed noodle is smooth, tender and delicate.

Reference Price: 5 yuan for a small bowl, 6 yuan for a medium bowl, and 7 yuan for a big bowl

Xiao Long Bao (juicy Steamed Bun)

Xiao Long Bao is a famous local food of Henan Province. It was developed from the well-known “Shan Dong Plum Blossom Bun (it looks like plum blossom)” of Song Dynasty. With a history of about one thousand years, Xiao Long Bao is favored by people for its small shape, thin wrappings and rich fillings, and delicious juice.  It is soothing to the throat and tender to the tongue.

Beef Of Wu Village

As a famous snack of Xuchang, Wu Village Beef smells fragrant and is made of dozens of materials. Put into a big pot, the beef is cooked with big fire for a long time. With special materials, the beef smell very fragrant. It’s said that, in order to keep the recipe, the bosses buy the materials in person, even some materials not in the recipe to draw away people attention, and make the recipe at midnight.

Pepper Soup Of Family Bai

The soup came into being in the early Ming Dynasty, and the family treasured recipe has been handed down until now. The soup has two main materials, beef and mutton, and 20 more auxiliary herbal materials. With the materials quick stir-fried and long time stewed, the soup has a special taste.

It is fragrant, delicate, and fat but not greasy. It has good effects in strengthening spleen, nurturing stomach, comforting and refreshing spirit.