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Xuchang Shopping

Xuchang Local Products:

Yu Bai Fu (rhizoma Typhonii)

Yu Bai Fu is the turber of the perennial herb plant Typhonium Giganteum. The turber is oval, 2 to 5 cm long, and 1 to 3 cm in diameter. It has white or yellow white rough skin, which has marks of fibrous roots and sprouts. With white cross sections, the hard powder tuber is odorless and spicy. It is effective in dispelling the wind, stabilizing the fright, getting rid of venoms, reducing swelling, and killing the pain. It is used to treat the symptoms of apoplexy, phlegm congestion, facial distortion, rigid tongue, stammer, migraine, pharyngitis, sore throat, tetanus, and others. The external use of it is effective in treating scrofula, phlegm node, and bites of poisonous snakes.

Yu Nan Xing (an Araceae Plant)

As an Araceae plant, Yu Nan Xing is one of traditional medicinal plants of Yuzhou City. Being put into medicinal use, the tuber of Yu Nan Xing is effective in dispelling the wind, stabilizing the fright, dispersing phlegm, and reducing swelling. It is mainly used to treat symptoms of facial paralysis, paraplegia, infantile convulsion, tetanus, epilepsy, cervical cancer, and others. The external use of Yu Nan Xing is effective in relieving swelling, evacuating pus, and getting rid of venom of mosquitoes. Raw Yu Nan Xing is poisonous. Mistaken eating of raw Yu Nan Xing may cause the itchy swelling throat and even the death due to respiratory failure. If the case is not serious, vinegar, strong tea, and egg white are helpful to neutralize the poison.

Baked Tobacco

Baked tobacco of Xuchang has golden luster, fine texture, suitable thickness, rich oil, strong fragrance, and mellow taste. Xuchang is a production base of exported cigarettes and raw materials for our national first class cigarettes. With a long history of cigarette production, it is a world renowned production place of cigarette. As a world renowned production area and distributing center of baked Tobacco, Xuchang has a fame of “Tobacco City”.

Floriculture Industry Of Yanling County

The floriculture industry of Yanling became prosperous in Tang and Song Dynasties and peaked in Ming and Qing Dynasties. With over a thousand years of floriculture history, Yanling has accumulated rich experiences of cultivation and has become a natural foundation to cultivate southern flowers in the north and northern flowers in the south. It’s said that Yanling’s winter plum blossom is most beautiful in the world. With the winter plum blossom as the mainstay, Xuchang has grown and cultivated 2000 more breeds of flowers, green trees, bonsais, and grass sods.

Jun Porcelain Of Yuzhou City

The rich mineral soil, unique water of Yin River, and warm temperate monsoon climate of Shenhou Town have made Yuzhou City a unique place to burn Jun Porcelain. With five kinds of porcelain clay and ten kinds of enamel, the production of Jun porcelain is fine, delicate, and refined and looks colorful, glittering and translucent. A Chinese saying goes that the glaze of Jun porcelain is unique and the quality is highest in the world.

Yu Bai Zhi (angelica Dahurica)

Yu Bai Zhi is the trade name for angelica dahurica of Yuzhou. It’s the dry root of the Umbellifarae plant, angelica dahurica. Yu Bai Zhi is a traditional plant of Yuzhou and a collective name for angelica daurica produced in Yuzhou and its surrounding areas. The plant of Bai Zhi is in a shape of taper cone. Roots of Bai Zhi have concentric circle textures, yellow-grey and yellow-brown and brown spotted skins, and white powder cross sections, and the xylem is about one third of cross sections.

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