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Xuchang Transport

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Xuchang in Henan Province is only a very small city with a population of less than 5 million. However, tourists, both domestic and international, still come in droves here because of its beautiful weather, proximity to other cities and counties in the province, and Jun porcelain, which is it’s highly known for. The city has also won several awards including Best Cultural Ecological Tourism City in the country in 2008. It’s also well-known for its local snacks such as fried fish and Yellow River carp that has been baked.

By Air

Because of its smallness, there’s no airport in Xuchang, but that’s okay as its air travel is excellently supported by the nearby areas, especially by Zhengzhou International Airport, which is about 50 kilometers far. From the airport, there are buses that travel directly to Xuchang, and they operate for almost 12 hours a day starting at 6 in the morning. The airport is intermediate in size, serving close to 20 airlines including flights that come from Hong Kong.

Aside from Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport, Xuchang is also accessible via Wuhan Tianhe International Airport and Xuzhou Guanyin Airport, which are 431 and 914 kilometers away, respectively. To proceed to Xuchang, you may have to board a train or long-distance buses.

If you’re traveling from other China cities and provinces, you can arrive at Luoyang Beijiao Airport and Nanyang Jiangying Airport. There’s also Fuyang Xiguan Airport, which is close to 500 kilometers away from Xuchang.


There’s only one railway station found in Xuchang, and it’s called Xuchang East Railway Station. It’s not the ultimate stopovers for trains, but at least more than 55 of these trains pass by the area. It is also located quite close to the city center, so traveling from the train station to the city and vice versa is convenient. For example, from the station, you can board buses with numbers 168, 103, and 169.

If you’re coming from Beijing, you can buy a ticket for the Beijing-Xuchang route, which covers more than 700 kilometers. Thus, the estimated travel time is about 3 to 4 hours. There are different types of seats you can choose from: first- and second-class seats, as well as business-class seats. The cheapest among the three is the second-class seat, which costs less than CNY350. Meanwhile, the special-class seats can already be worth CNY660 and above. Nevertheless, you’ll find the seats to be less cramped and the section less populated. The train leaves at Beijing West at different schedules. The first one is around 7:00 a.m. while the last is at 6:04 p.m.

The more regular-type Beijing trains to Xuchang have a very long travel period, which can be more than 8 hours. There are also only two options for seats: hard sleeper and soft sleeper. However, if you’re definitely cutting on costs, you may find these practical. The most expensive seats are less than CNY300. The train departs at around 5 in the morning.


Because Xuchang is right in the heart of the province, most travelers prefer to ride the buses since they are aplenty. In fact, there are more than 5 bus stations for long-distance travel in the area, the most popular of which is the Center. It is preferred by many because it is more efficient and better maintained than the others. Tourists also have more choices, whether to ride the luxury or the regular buses. The other stations are found across all the primary directions of the city.

Right around the city, the buses travel around 22 lines, and they are operated by only two separate companies. Their traveling schedules can greatly vary depending on the season. They have shorter hours during spring and winter.