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Guishan Han Tomb

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Tourists need to visit the Guishan Han Tomb in Xuzhou City if they are to get a feel of culture and tradition of Han Dynasty which ruled large areas of China between 206 BC and 220 AD. This spectacular tomb that is visible in the western part of Guishan Mountain. The tomb belongs to Chu Liu Zhu, the sixth king of the Han Dynasty.

The king is believed to have ruled between 128 BC and 116 BC. The entire area of the tomb includes a space of over 700 square meters and presents delicate work and interesting designs to visitors. The two distinct parts can be seen at the Guishan Han Temple – the northern part belongs to the wife of the king and the southern part belonging to Liu Zhu.

Each of these parts of the tomb provides an entrance for the visitors to enter into the main area of the tomb. Inside the tomb, there are 15 halls and this includes parlors, bedrooms, stables, washing room, kitchens, etc. Interestingly, the tomb even has a drainage system in place. In other words, this tomb presents itself like an underground palace to the visitors. The two paths that lead to the central portion of the tomb are parallel to each other and are separated by about 19 meters. What is so special with these paths that lead to the central portion of the tomb is that they have been chiseled smoothly. The quality of work in creating these paths can be easily compared to modern upholstering. And this is indeed spectacular considering that in those days, advanced machinery was not used!

For those tourists who are interested to know more about Han Dynasty, a visit to Guishan Han Tomb should be interesting and educative at the same time. As the tomb is in Xuzhou, a modern Chinese city, it is possible to reach this place without any difficulty. There are many accommodation places in and around the city for the tourists to stay whilst they are planning to visit this tomb and other places of interest around it.

What to watch out for?

1. The Halls

There are as many as 15 halls present inside the Guishan Han Tomb. And each of these halls was used for specific purposes and was arranged in a systematic way. The elaborate design work that has gone into making these halls is truly amazing. It has to be seen to be believed. Furthermore, the roofs of each of these halls have been styled in a different way.

While some of these halls have a flat roof, others have four-angled spires and vaults, etc. The corners of these places have been carved in a way that they form right-angles. The main hall that contains Liu Zhu’s casket presents an interesting scene for the visitors. In fact, the northern wall of this place accommodates a silhouette of a person with traditional Han clothing. The entire setup looks as though the prince is welcoming the tourists!

2. Amazing Relics

The relics that have been discovered from the tomb site are really amazing. Different kinds of relics including delicate jade articles, gold-plated tigers, bronze ware, etc have been discovered from the place that was excavated several years back. Most of these artifacts belonging to Han Dynasty period can be found in the Xuzhou Museum where they are preserved in the rightful way.

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How to Get There?

There are ample buses that will take you to the tomb from Xuzhou City. The tour buses number 1, 13 and 21 will take you to the exact spot where this tomb lies.

Ticket Price:

CNY 30 per person

Opening Hours:

8:30 am – 5:30 pm (All days)

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Contact Number:  0086 – 0516 – 5881666

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