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White Horse Spring Scenic Spot

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There are many tourist attractions in the scenic spot: the natural wonder. White Horse Intermittent Spring, the gem of carved stones. Shuang Jiexiao Memorial Archway, the meticulously-built Han Family Mansion and etc. The White Horse intermittent spring was built in the 1st year of Emperor Zhenguan's reign (AD627). Conferred "Yuanze Marquis"in the 1st year of Qiandao Emperor's reign in Song Dynasty, the spring was esteemed as divine spring. A relief sculpture of horses and dragons and the two characters "龙洞" are engraved on the huge stone at the bottom of the spring.

The tidal bore of the spring happens irregularly. The bore may occur many times in a day. Sometimes there are no tidal bores for many days. When the tide is at the flood, the pond is full and gives out whistling sound. When the tide is on the ebb, the pond is so limpid that its bottom can be seen clearly and the sound of clip-clop can be heard. The ebbs and flows of the spring are caused by siphon phenomenon, which is the unique feature of intermittent springs in China.

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There are two options for self-drive tourist: The tourists can choose to take Cheng-Ya Expressway, and then the road along Shangli Town, Zhongli Town, and Xiali Country after getting off the expressway at the north exit; Or they can visit Pingle and Jiaguan ancient towns before climbing to the White Horse Spring by taking Chengwenqiong Expressway, which is a beltway easy for tourists to return in a way around.

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