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Yaan City is the transportation, economic and cultural center of Yaan Region. With No.318 national highway and Cheng–Ya Expressway running through the city, it is a gateway towards Tibet and the only way from Chengdu City to Panzhihua City, Xichang City, Ganzi Prefecture and Yunnan Province. Yaan is also a hub of communication connecting many scenic and historical interest areas such as Mt. Mengshan, Bifengxia Valley, Fengtong Village, Jiajin Mountain, Hailuo Ravine, Linjiushan Mountain, Hailuo Valley, Paoma Mountain and etc.


Besides Wusihe Railway Station in Hanyuan County, there are no trains running through Yaan City. And it takes tourists six or seven hours to get to Yaan City proper from Hanyuan County by bus. So tourists are not recommended to travel by train.


Yaan has a very convenient traffic with No.317and No.318 national highways on Sichuan -Tibet line, No.108 national highway on Sichuan- Yunnan -Tibet Route, Cheng-Ya Expressway and Cheng-Le Expressway. There are three bus stations in Yaan City: Yaan Bus Station at Tingjin Crossing, Yaan Tourist Bus Station (the former Yaan South Bus Station) and West Bus Station.

1. Yaan Bus Station

 As the largest local junction station, Yaan bus station provides a regular buses heading for all parts of China.

2. Yaan Tourist Bus Station

Only two kilometers away from the North Exit of Cheng-Ya Expressway, Yaan tourist bus station lies at the junction of Beier Road and Yabi Road, which is located at the only way from Yaan to Bifengxia Valley. The station has opened many passenger routes: Yaan— Chengdu , Yaan—Dujiang Yan, Yaan—Leshan, Yaan—Kangding, Yaan—Shimian, Yaan—Hanyuan, Yaan—Tianquan, Yaan—Lushan, Yaan—Baoxing, Yaan—Mingshan, and Yaan—Xingjing. The bust station also supplies car rental business to the scenic spots within Sichuan province.

Phone:  (0835)2620235 (0835)2620239

3. Xi Men Bus Station

The bus station is charged with internal vehicular routes, including Hanyuan County, Mingshan County and Xingjing County.


1. Yaan Tourist Bus Station opens tourist express service to scenic spots such as Shangli Ancient Town, White Horse Spring, Bifengxia Valley and etc, with a single ticket fare varying from 4yuan to 8 yuan.

2. Convenient traffic facilities can be found for tourists who come from Chengdu City which is 14o kilometers away from Yaan. The shuttle service between Xinnanmen Bus Station of Chengdu and Yaan City starts from 8:00 am. It takes about 4 hours for tourists who travel by coach to reach Yaan at the expense of 29yuan per person. The shuttle service at 30-minute intervals from Yaan to Chengdu finishes at 7:00 pm.

Public Traffic

There are six bus routes in the downtown of Yaan City. At present, all buses in Yaan City are automated collection ones which charge 1 yuan per person uniformly.

Tips: Tourists who travel within the city proper are highly recommended to take taxies at the cost of 3 yuan within the base range. And it usually takes five yuan for tourist to tour the city. Pedicabs are also helpful vehicles especially when two tourists spend just 3 or 5 yuan altogether touring the whole city proper.

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