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Beiji Hall

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Brief introduction to the scenic spot

Beiji Hall, which is located in Caoyan Town of Dafeng City, has a large scale. In front of the mountain gate, there is a screen wall with upturned eaves and colored glaze tiles. In the mountain gate is embedded a horizontal white jade tablet, which is engraved with four large gilded characters of “Bei Ji Tian Shu”. Inside the mountain gate stand the statues of four Heavenly Guardians. Passing through the dooryard, you will get to the main hall. The spirit enshrined and worshipped in the central room is Emperor Beiji and Zhenwu, Supreme Emperor of the Dark Heaven. The spirit worshipped in the east wing room is Thunder God and that in the west wing room is monk’s room. Behind the hall is an upper and lower two-storied scripture collection building. Beiji Hall not only has a long history, but also is the place where the King of the Wu state rose first in revolt, therefore enjoying a great reputation.

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How to Get There?
To get to Beiji Hall, you may first reach Yancheng of Jiangsu Province and then take a bus to Dafeng after getting out of the railway station. There are many buses passing by there, such as bus route 5 and 19. After arriving at Dafeng, you may change for another bus. If there is no bus, you may take a taxi or human-drawn cart. The fare of the taxi is generally around 18 yuan and that of human-drawn cart is 5 yuan.

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