Dafeng Elk Nature Reserve

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Brief introduction of the scenic spot
Elk is the world’s rare and precious animal, which can be solely found in our country and is on a par with panda. Its horn is like that of deer, face like that of horse, tail like that of donkey and hoof like ox, therefore being popularly called “Pere Davids Deer”. Now the population reaches as many as 268 and is the world’s largest wild grazed species. Both The livability and annual progressive increase rate of the reproduction of elks head first in the world. Apart from elks, the reserve is inhabited by a large number of wild animals, including more than twenty animals under the national first and second class protection, such as red-crowned cranes, grusvipio, swans, erns and Chinese river deer, etc.

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How to Get There?
You may take a large through bus in Yancheng and get there in two and a half hours.

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